Voltage: 110-120V~60Hz  /  220-240V~50Hz         Power:550W(YJS780f) / 580W(YJS781cf),

Pump pressure: -28.3”Hg/-958mbar(YJS780f) / -29”Hg/-982mbar(YJS781cf)                

Max bag width: 406mm(YJS780f) / 408mm(YJS781cf)        
Pump: dual                          
Size: 490x260x145mm(YJS780f) / 540x262x142mm(YJS781cf) 
Seal wire width:5mm             
Weight: 6.9kg(YJS780f) / 7.3kg(YJS781cf) 
1. Stainless steel housing , makes the machine more durable, fashionable and quality.
2. Dual pump, high vacuum pressure.  
3. Powerful and large discharge pump to ensure vacuum effect and speed.(YJS781cf)
4. Big power, very short heating time (only 2-3 seconds).
5. Special wide seal wire(5mm) enables high quality sealing.
6. Adjustable seal time marinate time. 
7. Digital displays vacuum and sealing process.
8. Instant seal function.
9. Pulse vacuum function, manually control vacuum time and pressure.
10. Marinate mode, provides rapid cuisine foods.
11. With Impulse sealer function (no suction),can be used as Bag Sealer.
12. Quick-start and quick-seal button designed on the handle, convenient for operation.   
13. Extra-long sealing wire which can seal 406mm wide vacuum bag.
14. With the outset of the water container,water will be less likely to enter into the inner part of the machine.(YJS781cf)

Inner Packing: Gift Box       Gift Box Size(mm): 555x200x335mm        Carton Size(mm): 575x355x420mm

Packing: 2 boxes/ctn          G.W.: 17.1kg                                             N.W.: 16.2kg

20GP: 800 pcs                   40GP: 1600 pcs                                         40HQ: 1920 pcs

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