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Voltage:110-120V~60HZ / 220-240V~50HZ                                  Power: 1800W

Temperature setting: 5°-99°C                                                        Time setting: 5min-99hours

Dislplay accuracy: 0.1                                                                     Max volume: 28L

Max temperature tolerance: ±0.5°C                                                Weight:7.5 Kg

Size: 568x429x277(mm)                                                                   

1. Temperature control within 0.1 , results in perfect texture throughout.
2. Improved temperature consistency through circulating water versus still water baths.
3. LCD function display.
4. Low  water level detection alarm device.
5. 100% anti-dry safety protection device.
6. Long working time can be set (0-99hours).
7. Powerful memory function (can memory the temperature units: °C/ °F;can memory the working status before disconnecting; can memory the last setting working temperature and working time.
8.Two optional temperature settings (°C/ °F).

9.Large water tank size which is perfect for commercial kitchens.


Carton Packing:  Carton Box          Carton Size: 660x520x365(mm)            

G.W.: 11.5 Kg                                  N.W.: 8.5 Kg

20GP:210 PCS               40GP: 438 PCS                 40HQ: 438 PCS 

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