1. Clear on one side black on the other, blocking out harmful light, and providing optimal product visibilty.

2. Three layers of PE, Aluminum, and PA materials provide ultraviolet-proof, X-ray   proof, blocks out sunlight, gives extra good performance in water transmission and oxygen transmission.

3. Anti-static, anti-radiation.

4. Keep optimum freshness, aroma, airtight and secure your foods, valuables, documents, electronic, and medicine.

5. Keep food fresh up to FIVE times longer.

6. Heavy duty bags, for use with both Suction type vacuum sealer and Chamber vacuum sealer, while traditional aluminum vacuum bag can be only used with Chamber vacuum sealer.

7. Freezable, refrigerated, and boilable.

8. FDA, LFGB approved, BPA free.

9. With owned patent.

Creficate: LFGB   FDA   BPA-free


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