CB30: 380x110x102mm,             vacuum roll size:12”x50’305mmx15.2m

   CB40: 460x110x102mm              vacuum roll size:16”x50’406mmx15.2m


Cutter Box CB30 and CB40 are designed for storing vacuum roll and cutting roll bags from the rolls. A cutter is designed on the box. It is very convenient for users to store vacuum rolls, cut any bag size they need. And it can ensure the cutting edge is smooth.

They can be used separately or be hand with Argion’s model YJS601, YJS605, YJS607, YJS608, YJS770, YJS771, YJS780, YJS781.


*CB30 can be hang and used with YJS601, YJS605, YJS607, YJS608.

*CB40 can be hang and used with YJS770, YJS771, YJS780, YJS781.

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