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Voltage:110-120V~60Hz / 220-240V~50Hz                            Power: 1180W / 1100W
Pressure: -29.9”Hg/-1012mbar (directly in pump)             Vacuum pump:  oil pump

Max bag width: 508mm                                                           Seal wire width: 3.5mmx2

Seal bar : 2PCS                                                                      Seal bar length: 508mm/20”

Chamber Size:L527xW540xH178mm                                    Overall size:  L600xW652xH1016mm

                         L20.75”xW21.25”xH7”                                                          L25.7”xW25”xH40”   

Weight:   96Kgs / 211.6 Lbs    

1.Vacuum operation can be performed on the chamber pouch which costs less.

2.Unique clip design in the vacuum chamber to facilitate the fixing of the vacuum bag.

3.Double heating wire, sealing effect is stronger.

4.Large vacuum chamber can work in multiple packages at the same time.

5.High-quality oil pump, fast pumping speed, high vacuum degree.

6.Automatic Vacuum - [Inflate (C46)] - Seal - Cooling.

7.Autonomously set vacuum time, [inflation time (C46)], heat seal time, cooling time.

8.Vacuum gauge shows real-time vacuum, digital display work process, clear and easy to read.

9.Sealing width up to 20" (508mm).

10.Stainless steel body, high-grade and durable.


Packing: wooden box          Wooden box Size(mm): 776x716x1170mm
G.W.: 130 kg                       N.W.:110 kg                     
20GP: 24 pcs                      40GP: 48 pcs            40HQ: 96 pcs


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