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Voltage:110-120V~60HZ / 220-240V~50HZ                                  Power: 1500W / 2000W

Temperature setting: 5°-95°C                                                       Time setting: 5min-99hours

Dislplay accuracy: 0.1                                                                    Suggested volume: 50L / 70L

Max temperature tolerance: ±0.5°C                                               Weight:2.3 Kg

Size: 142x160x326(mm)                                                                   


1. Optional WIFI control, smarter.
2. IPX7 waterproof, more secure.
3. High power,faster heating.
4. Temperature control within 0.1,  results in perfect texture throughout.
5. Improved temperature consistency through circulating water versus still water baths.
6. Thin stainless steel machine body design; high-end quality;  solid, durable; and occupy only a little space of the canister.
7. Low and high water level detection alarm device.
8. 100% anti-dry safety protection device.
9. Powerful memory function (can memory the temperature units: °C/ °F;can memory the working status before disconnecting; can memory the last setting working temperature and working time.
10.Two optional temperature settings (°C/ °F).

11.Intellgent heating procedure.
12. LCD function display.


Packing: Gift Box ,    6boxes/ctn             Gift Box Size: 185x185x365 (mm)

Carton Size: 575x390x380(mm)             G.W.: 15.8 Kg        N.W.:13.8 Kg

20GP:2016 PCS                  40GP: 4320 PCS                  40HQ: 4320 PCS

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