Voltage: 110-120V~60Hz / 220-240V~50Hz                                 Power: 210W /200W                 

  Pump Pressure: -28.3”Hg/-958mbar                                            Max bag width: 310mm

  Pump: dual                                                                                   Seal wire width: 3mm              

  Size: 400x320x138mm                                                                  Weight: 3.63kg


  1. Build-in two size rolls, convenient and easy to make bags from rolls.

  2. Adjustable seal time.

  3. Pulse vacuum function, manually control vacuum time and pressure.

  4. Marinate function, rapid cuisine marinator.

  5. Instant seal function.

  6. Digital displays working process, memory function on vacuum and seal time.

  7. Automatic lock, no need lock or unlock manually.

  8. Build-in vacuum hose, easy and clean to use with the machine

  9. Build-in storage room and cutter, convenient to storage roll bags and cut the roll bags and ensure the smooth of the bag open mouth.

  10. Removable liquid box inside the  vacuum chamber, convenient for cleaning

  11. Special air mouth design, prevents liquid from sucking into the pump through air mouth

  12. Special working programs on heating and sealing, makes it more convenient to use when making bags from rolls.


  Inner Packing: Gift Box            Gift Box Size(mm): 450x195x380             Carton Size(mm): 470x395x410  Packing: 2 boxes/ctn                G.W.: 11.0 kg             N.W.:10.0 kg

  20GP: 660 pcs                        40GP: 1350 pcs          40HQ: 1620 pcs

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