(Handle A)

                          (Cooking rack C)                                                                                    (Cooking rack A)

                                                                                         (Cooking rack B)

  Parameter       (提手A)

  Matrial : Stainless steel                          Size:265x205x220mm                         Weight:0.40Kg           Parameter  (Cooking rack A)

  Matrial : Stainless steel                          Size:178x194x194mm                          Weight:0.58Kg                 Parameter  (Cooking rack B)

  Matrial : Stainless steel                          Size: 285x214x194mm                         Weight:0.37Kg                 Parameter  (Cooking rack C)

  Matrial : Stainless steel                          Size: 190x110x130mm                         Weight:0.20 Kg       


  1. In order to get the food after cook easily, we supply a separated tray. Just lift up the tray, you will simply get the food.

  2. To avoid plastic bag contact with water tank directly. Heat will be more even around the plastic bag, giving better cuisine. Prolong the Sous Vide cooker product life.

  3. Cooking rack is separated from the Sous Vide cooker, easier for cleaning.

  4.  Made of stainless steel, provides more environmental product.

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